Another bombing on the news today, this has been going on for a while now. Since power changed hands my people have known no peace and its four years now, sometimes I wonder where it all went wrong but I just can’t pin point where. Well I cannot stress about this, all I can do is pray for a better future for me two kids to live in. we moved from the north of our country to settle in the southern district where everything seems safer at least that’s what I thought.

It’s getting late but I’m outside my home as I listen to the crickets of the night and watch the stars in the sky as the evening breeze makes me feel cool, nature is at peace with itself but my country isn’t. well I guess there is nothing you can do when you don’t have power.

“honey, wouldn’t you join me in bed?” my wife asked with worries written all over her face. I didn’t even know when she came out of the house, I guess I was that deep in thought.

“I’m sorry love, let’s go inside you must be getting cold” getting her into my embrace we walked to the house together. If only this nation could be like my family, if only this nation can be in peace.

Its Saturday morning and as usual I’m sleeping in, due to my work activities Saturday is my day, nothing ever comes between us. Getting up from bed I saw a note beside me saying:

The kids and I went out to have some fun, I left some food for you and the freezer and if you care to join us we are the usual spot. Take care

With a slight giggle and a smile on my cheek I went to the bathroom to have my bath. Its thirty minutes now since I started watching my recorded tv programme for the week and I so need to catch up on Game of thrones then it happened. They took the light, as much as I was annoyed and disgusted that at this present time we suffered power outage in this country I’m not surprised.
Well I guess everything happens for a reason, so I jumped in my car and raced like a jet to the park where my wife takes the kids on weekends. On my way I decided to stop buy our favourite restaurant to get something we could all eat instead of stopping by on our way back.

“Excuse me sir do you want anything new or the regular?” the lady at the counter who was always on duty on Saturday asked.

“I’ll take the regular thank you and you can keep the change” I responded with a smile as I gave her the cash for payment.

The lady at the counter had gotten my order and was about giving it to me when the suddenly she was stopped and frozen letting every item she held fall to the ground. “What’s the matter?” I asked almost revealing how angry I was at the fact I had to wait for her to get another meal for me. She didn’t seem bothered at all as she kept pointing to the television and horridly looking for the remote.

I turned back to see what got her all puzzled, it was then I realised it was another bomb blast and this time it’s in our region but I’m not so bothered about that until I saw the location….
“its olotas park, my wife! my kids!! Oh no oh no” I shouted with tears already forming in my eyes.

“God please let them be alright” I prayed as I drove as fast as I could to the park. Disobeying every traffic rule on my way to the park, I finally arrived. “Ife!!! Jeremiah !!! Jasmin!!!!” I shouted the names of every of my family members at that park that day but no response.

Then I saw my wife being pulled away in a stretcher, hurriedly I ran to her.
“Ife are you okay? Where are the kids? What happened?” I baptised her with numerous questions.

The paramedics tried to send me away but then she grabbed my hand and struggled to say
“I tried to save them love but it was too late, it happened suddenly, I’m sorry” she said with tears flowing down her cheeks

“it’s okay, it’s all good, just hold on for me” I said with a quaking voice and a shaking body I was sweating without control.

“please don’t let this hold you back, move on and be happy”
“Ife don’t do this. Ife you’re staying with me”

“just remember I lo……………” she didn’t complete her words and her eyes were shut .

“No it can’t be, you can’t just leave me like this, it’s not fair” I said with tears running down my face. I am all alone in this world the only thing that keeps me sane is gone. How dare she tell me to move on I can’t do this.


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