Wait a second, then a minute till it turns to an hour, before you realise your whole day is gone. Days roll by, followed by months, even years slip through our fingers and we wonder what we’ve achieved over those periods.

Well, I’m waiting at the bus station for the bus going Abuja. Today wasn’t all that I expected, I got beaten by rain on my way to the bus station and now my trip has been delayed by an hour or so.

I wouldn’t say I’m not happy about the whole delay thing because I really hope he shows up or calls before I depart. We had our first fight in ages a week back and we’ve not spoken since then.

Dele and me have been best of friends for over ten years now. We met in our senior year in high school when he helped me get back on my feet emotionally after the death of my mother. After that moment he became my best friend and we went almost everywhere together. Fortunately for us we got admission into the same university and we finished together.

Two months after graduation Dele introduced me to Louis; a girl he met at a family gathering and before long they started dating. Time after time Dele missed out on our appointments and I began getting worried or would I say jealous.

I shoved every thought aside with the notion that we were friends and not a couple, but I guess when you stay with someone for that long you hope to be something more. I’ve accepted before now that I do have feelings for Dele but I couldn’t be more than just a friend to him and I was cool with that.

I watched as Dele faded away into another woman’s arms and I watched in silence. I organised a get together for the both of us a week before now just to spend my last moment with him before I left for Abuja to serve my country.
“Oh that’s a lovely idea, I’ll love to see you. We have some catching up to do”
He said filled with excitement over the phone.

I waited in the restaurant which we both decided to go for a while, I wasn’t annoyed because I got there a little early. Well what seemed like a minute turned into an hour and I decided to call.
“Oh sorry dear I had to meet up with Louis to take her dog to the vet. I’m really sorry” he said in a low  tone.

That was it, ive had enough of all this. If Dele was going to be blind I’m going to open his eyes for him this very moment without hesitation I screamed over the phone.
“Dele what’s wrong with you? We’ve been together for what now, ten years? And you cannot read simple signs. I never you were dumb but never thought it was this serious. I love you Dele, but sure you’re too stupid to notice and even if you don’t feel the same way, it doesn’t mean you should stand me up for a dog” I didn’t know when tear drops left my eyes. I stormed out of the restaurant ready to leave for Abuja and never probably return.

It’s one week now and I’ve not heard from Dele, is he mad at me? Well I’ll never find out because my ego wouldn’t let me call. My bus is ready to leave and there’s no call from him, maybe he forgot I’ll be leaving today, I tried consoling myself that I’ll be better of without him.

The driver starts the bus and we are ready to move, when I saw a glimpse of  someone. Tall, dark and a well build body,With his afro which brought out the fine artistry of his face I knew it was…..”Dele !!!!!” I shouted from the window of the bus, I’m glad I picked this seat. He turned looking for who called on him when he sighted me he started running towards the bus.

“Driver driver stop” I motioned and shouted at the driver to stop his bus. As he did I alighted the bus hurriedly, running towards Dele.
” I’m sorry about everything, and you’re right I’m really blind. I just thought you weren’t interested in me and I didn’t want to put our friendship on the line” he said as he let go of me.
” I’m sorry too for the way I acted and the things I said I was just really angry. What about  Louis?” I don’t know what I was expected asking that question but I was ready for any response.

His phone rang as he was about to reply and from the look on his face he seemed relieved. He cut the call after a while ” It’s  Louis, she just broke up with me”
“What? Why?” I asked in disbelieve. I don’t know why someone would want to break up with Dele.

My driver by now was tired of waiting he dropped my luggage and off he went. Dele explained his relationship with Louis with me, apparently they’ve not had the most entertaining time  together.
“Well I’m sorry once again” he apologised for the like hundredth time today.
“I’m sorry also” I responded every time he apologised.

He drove me home cause it was already late and I would have to travel tomorrow. Today didn’t turn out bad  after all, he kissed me goodnight and as I close my eyes to sleep I’m sure of sweet dreams. This should be the beginning of my love story.


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