Sitting tables apart , I gazed at the balls decoration ;so beautiful I thought,
Until my eyes wondered and saw you. Your smile so pure, your eyes glitter like the stars in the night pulling every string, playing a melody in my heart.

Then you looked in my eyes
Just a brief moment but it felt like eternity
The Butterflies flapping in my stomach would not stop.
Every inch in your face a master piece,
A sculptors best work

Suddenly you turned and spoke to me
Your voice a melody to my ears
Tunning my heart to the beat of love,
With every word you said,
You brought peace to my little troubled heart.

As time went on our conversations turned to dates.
With my heart filled with joy I knew I had found the one,
The one who would calm the raging storm in me.
Gods blessing, an angel to me.

We sure did grow old together,
But now here I stand by your grave side.
Although you’re  gone, I would join you soon that I might see my love again.

P.s Although we might be passing through a lot right know let’s all remember to  love for without it we are nothing and with it we could conquer anything.


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