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She runs away from everyone and everything, body filled with scars and wounds from  beating and constant torture. She can’t even crawl out of her own shell, shes always a mess, every strand of thread used in the sewing of her dress sticks out from every stitch. Behind all this is a beautiful girl named Aduni at least she was until the death of her father two years back.

Mr Ademola’s corpse was found at the scene of a fatal motor accident, his wife was called on to receive the news but unfortunately Aduni; his 16 years old daughter reached for the phone since her mom wasn’t home. She received the news via an old man and from that moment her life took a new direction.

Mrs sola got married again to a brutal sorry excuse of a man. Popularly known as “eja nla”, Mr Ezra took no joy in seeing his step daughter happy. Subjecting her to various torture and hardship he withdrew her from her school and used her as a maid in the house. She goes days without food and any form of mistake is corrected with lashes on her back.

“Daddy I would like to ask you a favor and would be so glad if u could grant my heart desires”

were the words Aduni took a whole day rehearsing to tell her step dad once he got back from work that night. Finally he got back around 8:30 pm which was his regular routine, after serving him his favorite dish she waited till he was fully comfortable and relaxed before she managed to spill out the question hunting her mind since morning

“you want to go back to what?” Mr Ezra said laughing

“school” she replied

“Mama Aduni come and see this your good for nothing miscreant you call a daughter she says she wants to go back to school” he said almost chocking

“olowo ori mi you have the final say” Mrs Sola said with pain in her heart but she couldn’t say anything against her husband he took her in when no one did, even if he never treated her bad but Aduni was always he’s victim,

“she is not going anywhere and that is it” this words kept echoing in Adunis head for a week, for her request, she was punished with no food for days until finally she made up her mind

“I’ve had enough of this I’m running away, I can’t take this no more”……………………………………….

Stay glued for part 2


9 thoughts on “UNLOVED

  1. Guy, do u write nollywood movies, cos that’s wah it feels like.
    U should proofread what u write.
    Like where u made use of he’s, it’s supposed to be his!

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