Story,story. I’m inspired by life itself, I put down life in letters something everyone can relate to. Every story is a blessing in disguise and every poem is a letter to the soul so keep reading .

Email me your story @calebibejigba@gmail if you would like me to post it. Who knows?! your story might be featured. God bless

You could join our BBM channel C00384F67 @CALEB’S PEN follow on Twitter @caleb_oluwaseun


12 thoughts on “About

  1. @ “I put down life in letters”. I like how writing stories allows one share the workings of their creative mind with other people.

    Keep it up!


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  3. Great idea for your blog, and the header image is lovely. I really believe in the power of words to connect people and touch on that human spirit that is in us all.



  4. I finally have the opportunity to read through everything it’s amazing what you do with pen and paper. I love your works so much


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