She walks with her head on high,
Her lip doesn’t know how to smile.
Her steps quick, she walks alone,
But she’s not alone, she is slave to her imaginations.

Surrounded by many but known by few.
Shy to approach the world,
She’s a slave to her nature,
But that no one knows is true.

Her heart is filled with love,
But her love can’t be expressed with her voice.
When she smiles, the most beautiful art piece of all time,
But she hates to be told so.

Her dark hair shines in the sun light,
Her beautiful eyes glow in the dark.
She is black, she is introverted
like the velvet cake she’s sweet.
She is the introverted black velvet.


Sorry I’ve been gone for a while now, I’ve just been occupied and writers block. So I’m here now hope you enjoy.


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