To my lover,
When the day comes when I’m far away,
And you’re taken by another because you couldn’t wait,
When your heart does not belong to me no more,
And I can’t wipe the tears off your face
I hope you remember my love.

To my friends,
When the bottles go dry,
And the conversation cold.
When we stay cities apart,
And the time isn’t the same.
Hope you remember that I care.

To my son,
When my days are gone and my body decays,
When my eyes shuts and my mouth sealed,
When my heart stops and my lungs don’t breath.
I hope you remember my name.

To myself,
When you’ve made an impact,
And the world trembles at your name.
When you’ve conquered life,
And you’re fulfilled in your old age.
Just remember your mom,
For she was by your side, your solid rock.


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