Ever since you left,
The skies don’t look blue the same
Neither do the sun shine as bright.
My flowers don’t bloom no more
And my smile seems to fade away.

I want to forget you and let you be gone forever.
Can a child ever forget the feeling in its mother’s arm?
That’s the way I can’t go a day without you on my mind.
You can see it in my eyes,
That it’s so hard for me to let you go.


You showered my little heart with love
But I repaid with constant headaches.
You forgave my wrongs and brought me redemption
But I did it all again once you turned away.
Your heart belonged with me but I refused to let go of mine.


Now you are gone, now I realize
But it’s too late to apologize
I need your bad romance
But I missed my chance
Now I stand outside cold
As my tears get lost in the rain.


Thank you for reading and this is my throw back picture lol




61 thoughts on “TEARS LOST IN THE RAIN

  1. Wow! Lovely! Lovely! *gives an ovation* I love it! ❤ Great job Caleb. *whispers* oh wow! Didn't know you were a CU student (thanks to reading previous comments) 🙂


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