The review by Peter, Ada Sonia, Ph.D. and Ekeanyanwu, Nnamdi T., Ph.D. on the book The Elements of Journalism by Bill Kovach and Tom Rosenstein paints the picture that journalist first responsibility is to the truth and its loyalty is to the citizens first. The review depicted journalist as watchdogs in the society, monitoring power.

The review points out the fact that the elements of journalism in the book are unrealistic, they are seen as mere “fantasy” elements of journalism.  The review says that social media and other internet platform have taken the work of journalist, as they already serve as watchdogs and people look up to them for their daily news. Again, the idea principles and purpose of journalism highlighted in the book, the review claims it’s too simple as it does not answer complex questions asked by the art of journalism.

The book is flawed by its inability to reflect the title of the book in its content, as reviewed the book only depicted journalism in developed countries and not developing or underdeveloped countries. “the book content failed to deliver on the promises of the book title. Contrary to the make believe global journalistic scenario created by the title, the content was essentially based on the ideal element of journalism in economically developed democracies”

Although the review carefully brought out the misconception of the book it seemed to base its judgement mainly on the weaknesses of the book and the strength of the book is greatly underplayed. The book portrays the basic element of journalism as it is entailed in various democratic, developing, and underdeveloped countries, making it useful to people based in those various regions.


Peter, Ada Sonia, Ph.D. and Ekeanyanwu, Nnamdi T., Ph.D (2013) review on the elements of journalism Covenant Journal of Communication (CJOC) Vol. 1, No. 2.




An accident occurred at the intersection of post and rolling avenue this morning leaving two hospitalized and one dead.

Charles R Lydon a van driver this morning was driving on north on post road and proceeded to enter an intersection at about 40MPH. His van came in contact with a fire engine in response to an emergency call.

The collision left two hospitalized as their condition still remains unknown while Lydon died on the spot. The truck which was traveling at a speed of 25MPH while responding to a store fire alarm was damaged while Lydons van was totally destroyed.

The authorities have not yet decided who was at fault but the fire alarm has been confirmed to be false. The damage done to the truck is worth £50,000.


Driving bigger cars can help safe life as smaller cars have the highest record of accidents, and it cost more to repair according to the report issued in Washington, D.C. today.

The institute an affiliate of the insurance institute for highway safety, reported that there are advantages of bigger cars over smaller ones. The study found that two small two door models and many small or mid-sized sport or specialty cars have the worst injury and repair records.

The report shows that many of these small cars show injury claim frequencies and repair losses at least 30 percent higher than average. while many large cars, station wagons and vans show 40 percent to 50 percent better-than-average claim records.


Young children who eat hot dog are likely to be at risk of chocking to death. Children below the age of four should not be given a whole hot dog to eat.

An article appeared today in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The article concerns the dangers of hot dogs

The researcher on this article said “If you were trying to design something that would be perfect to block a child’s airway, it would be a bite-size piece of hot dog,”. He concluded by advising that children under 4 years old shouldn’t be given a whole hot dog to eat, and it should never be cut cross wise.

In the united states it is estimated that every five days someone chokes to death on a hot dog. Candy, nuts, grapes, apples, carrot and popcorn’s are also risky foods for children under the age of 9.


The family of Kristine Belcuore, buried the body of an unclaimed corpse due to error from the medical examiner office.

Kristine Belcuore a 51-year-old woman died of a heart attack last week, survived by her husband and four children. Due to the nature of her death an autopsy had to be performed before the funeral last Saturday and a wrong body returned rather than hers.

The family received an apologetic call from the county medical examiner this morning. The body buried was that of a woman whose corpse had been unclaimed for a month now. This error was discovered after the medical examiner’s office realised the month old corpse had disappeared.

The medical examiner’s office said “Someone probably misread an identifying tag”. Also, the family never viewed the remains, they kept the casket closed throughout the proceedings.

A relative said, “We went through all the pain and everything, all over the wrong body, and now we have to go through it again.”




Women who graduate from universities are more likely not to have a stable marriage. This is caused by the tension in the home when both husband and wife have professional careers.

A research by a sociologist at The Ohio state University explains some of the reasons why women with graduate degrees are more likely to be graduated from their marriages as well.

According to the research the key factor seems to be timing. Women who married early, before they began graduate school, are more likely to have established traditional family roles which they find difficult to change.

The research also shows that When the wife goes back to school and no longer wants to handle most of the housework, it causes resentment on the part of the husband. If the husband refuses to pitch in and do his share, it creates tension. Such unhappiness on both sides often leads to divorce. Indeed, a third of the women who began graduate school after they were married ended up separated or divorced.

For years, researchers thought that advanced education translated into greater marriage stability. Then they discovered that marital disruption is greater among more highly educated women than any other group (except those who haven’t graduated from high school).


 Gun laws do not stop handgun ownership by professional criminals. Laws put in place by the government to ensure guns are handled properly might not be helping in any way.

The Department of Justice, as it often does, conducted a crime-related survey. It questioned long-term prisoners. It found that new laws limiting the ownership of guns do not discourage handgun ownership by career criminals

The report by the department concludes, that even though curbs on legitimate retail sales of gun have failed to attain the goal of keeping weapons out of the hands of criminals, the laws still may serve other useful functions.

The department surveyed 1,874 men serving time for felonies in 11 state prisons and found that 75 percent said they would expect little or no trouble if they tried to get a handgun after their release from prison. Fifty-seven percent had owned a handgun at the time of their arrest. Thirty-two percent of their guns had been stolen, 26 percent acquired in black market deals, and others received as gifts from family and friends. Only 21 percent had been bought through legitimate retail outlets.

The report explains that criminals get their weapons most often by theft or under-the-counter deals.


The Circuit Court today sentenced Thomas C. Ahl today to two life terms, plus 300 years after pleading guilty to robbery and murder.

Ahl a 24 years’ old man pleaded guilty to robbing and murdering restaurant employees last week. In return for pleading guilty prosecutors promised not to seek the death penalty.

The judge explained that Ahl had a long history of violence and brutality, and that the public deserved to be protected from him. There had been no reason for him to shotgun the two employees to death. Ahl himself admitted that they had not resisted him in any way.

Ahl will be 89 before he can be considered for parole. It is the longest sentence ever given anyone in your state


People living in cities are most likely to go deaf by the year 2020 due to excess noise in the society.

An annual by The International Standardization Organization released today warned that the noise level in the world are rising by one decibel a year.

The report warned that if the noise continues “everyone living in cities could be stone deaf by the year 2020.” The report also said that long-term exposure to a noise level of 100 decibels can cause deafness, yet a riveting gun reaches a level of 130 decibels and a jet aircraft 150.

The International Standardization Organization, which is composed of acoustics experts, today opened its annual convention. The convention is meeting in Geneva, Switzerland. Delegates from 51 countries are attending the convention, which will continue through Sunday.


A 19-year-old shoplifting suspect died last Saturday. An autopsy conducted to determine the cause of death revealed that Milan died due to a lack of oxygen to the brain.

The boy was identified by the police as Timothy Milan who lived at 1112 Huron Avenue and was employed as a cook at a restaurant in the city.

  Police today said they do not plan to charge anyone involved in the case with a crime because it “was a case of excusable homicide.” The police said the bystanders did not mean to injure Milan or to kill him, but that he was fighting violently—punching and kicking at his captors and even trying to bite them—and that they were simply trying to restrain him and trying to help capture a suspected criminal, “which is just being a good citizen.”

A guard at Panzer’s Department Store told police he saw Milan stuff 2 sweaters down his pants legs, then walk past a checkout line and out of the department store. The guard then began to chase Milan, who ran, and 3 bystanders joined in the pursuit. They caught up with Milan, and, when he resisted, one of the bystanders applied a headlock to him.

A report by a police officer who arrived at the scene said Milan died immediately he arrived at the scene.


“The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.” The book was written by Mark Twain. Critics, including some parents, said last week that the book should be banned from all schools in the city because it is racist.

Gary Hubbard, announced today that teachers will be allowed to require reading the book in high school English classes but not in any junior high school classes After considering their complaints and discussing them with his staff, the superintendent of schools.

The superintendent said that it will be the responsibility of the high school teachers who assign the book to assist students in understanding the historical setting of the book, the characters being depicted and the social context, including the prejudices which existed at the time depicted in the book.

Although the book can no longer be used in any junior high school classes, the school superintendent said it will remain available in junior and senior high school libraries for students who want to read it voluntarily.

The book describes the adventures of runaway Huck Finn and a fugitive slave named Jim as they float on a raft down the Mississippi River.


Wake Up!!!

A day would come when the light would come,

A day when the fiery night would see the dawn.

A time where peace would come to stay,

That time would come, with no price; no pay.

A day where laughter would rule the world,

And sadness and pain would go away.

That day, a child would be born,

A child presumed to be the son of faith.


Tomorrow will come, it always did

It always will, as forever and ever.

But a “tomorrow” would come far different,

Not the tomorrow we knew. The one we sought after.

The tomorrow that would be a forever,

The tomorrow that would last for eternity,

The tomorrow we pleaded for over and over,

The tomorrow that would bless us with plenty.


So, come along with me, let us explore,

Fairy tales like “Cinderella” and many more.

Let us dream together of the era we need,

Times that we may never see.

Let us wonder of the love and joy and peace.

As we fight today for the “tomorrow” we seek.

Let us pray we wake up from this terrible nightmare,

As we try to nurture “tomorrow” with blessings everywhere.




In the dark, the stage is not seen, the actor is mere nothing,

They stand amiss a black plane, they stand still, trying to feel nothing.

However, from the back of their minds comes a fierce weary thought:

“What could be lurking in the pale behinds of this curtain?

What could this darkness have that makes us feel so uncertain?”


Thinking about it one could really sense the peace in the dark,

The frightening but serene atmosphere it brings.

The chill of the cold breeze hitting the tree’s bark,

Yet the warm shiver whilst the nocturnal birds sing.

The world is all about perspective; the way we see things,

Or is it sheer misunderstanding, misinterpretation, or wrong themes?

Maybe the world is just one way; the actors on the stage,

Maybe it’s some sort of play, a great writer’s message.


A message to highlight our differences; one to teach us plenty.

Or a message to buttress our oneness, our bond as an entity.

Capable of breaking boundaries, capable of building some,

A bond indomitable, yet not just as strong.


The lights are then shone and the dark mourns its loss,

The actors are now seen; the ones we came to watch.

The dark was frightening, yes, but our minds not fickle,

The light felt so calming, yes, but the butterflies now tickle.

And so, we begin to appreciate, the dark for its dark,

And the lights for their light.


The world is in one perspective, in one accordance,

You and I, we both are important.




The kids are good

A writing to tell a little story,

The one all children want to hear.

A story passed down from the days of glory,

The days when things were pretty and clear.


And once upon a time lived Good.

Troubles and troubles came and passed away.

Because good was a very nice fellow,

We lived in harmony and peace, till one day…


And that morning was cool as ever,

It was bright, the clouds looked all gay and sweet,

Then came a weary face, the one a little too clever,

The one that pushed the good so far it had to flee.

Good had fled but had left his prints,

In the hearts, in the minds, in the souls of kids,

Not to forget the ways it had taught,

To forever be good; and to never be naught.


And the times had changed, so had many things,

The laughter now faded to mere memory.

The peace was imaginary, the world was now alone,

Severed from the pages of the good old story.

Because the bad, the worse and the ugly came to stay,

Because the pretty old Good was pushed away,

We lost the princes, the queens and kings,

The ones with great virtue; the royal songs to sing.


And once upon a time a story would be told,

Of the young boys and girls; a story of the old.

A story of how the prints the good had left,

Became, once again, the bedrock of our world.

A story of how the kids had become good kings,

The rulers that brought the peace the whole world felt.                     TOM GORGE EMMANUEL


My Eyes

I see a smile that could brighten up the world,

I see the eyes that don’t need sight.

I see my eyes in the eyes of a girl,

I see thoughts of her every other night.

Beneath her shadows on the wall,

I see the heart of a beautiful goddess.

Under her smooth skin thereof,

A wonder to behold, my heart’s own fortress.

I never thought the day would come,

When my mind would drown in thought

Of a girl so pretty, her pretty hurts,

Hurts the minds of onlookers, of all those who lust.

And her body’s not perfect, but her heart is yours,

The one who is worth every second, her time is yours.


I have seen Adornment in person, it’s the face of this girl;

A beauty indescribable lies deep within.

And a bad dancer now dances across in a swirl,

Yet so poised and smooth, anyone with eyes would grin.

With her perfect so perfect, her imperfect too perfect,

Your whole world has gone downside up,

With her words so soothing, her smile so amusing,

You now believe there’s a creator seated above.


Wait! Please wait! I almost left this out

Her voice is one that melts your soul.

She sings pretty songs, she pitches out loud,

And it gets to those depths, it fills up those holes.

Yes, I see my eyes in the eyes of a girl,

Yes, I see the thoughts of her every night,

I know I have fallen in love with her all,

I think I have found the love of my life.



Its basic thoughts, it’s what we think
It’s a simple life, it’s how we live.
It’s just a storm, try not to sink,
It’s a very hard world, yet still believe.
Believe because there is tomorrow
Believe, cheer up, no need for sorrow,
Believe now you can, it’s now or never
Believe in you, please do not shiver.
A day is coming for all you boys, for every girl,
That day would come, every person on an aisle,
For that special day, I have in quote just two words,
Please don’t keep a straight face, “just do it”
Tom-George Emmanuel.