The room is dark,
I can’t find my way round it,
I can’t lay my hand on the touch,
I hear voices all around me,
Sometimes I feel it’s all in my head,
But other times I know I’m not alone.


The struggle to get to the light,
The struggle to be free from my self,
I’m enveloped by the rage in my heart.
The rage which is fueled by bitterness.


I’m bitter because my nation’s still backward,
I’m bitter because my people are racist to their very own self,
I’m bitter because somewhere there is a kid who has just been made an orphan.


I search for the light to set us free.
Free from the darkness which we are in,
Free from our own self.
I hear voices and I know I’m not alone.
One day we would get to the light,
One day we would be free,
But where is the light?


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