MR EZRA’S Point of View

“Where Is she?” were the words that screamed in my head as I searched for Aduni around the neighborhood.

“It’s been four days now since she left the house and Aduni is nowhere to be found and the police have no news of her where about. It scares me to think that I caused a girl so young so much pain that she ran away. Even after my constant torture, I would still like to see her alive”.

ADUNIS Point Of View

“It’s been four days now since I left that hell hole and I’m starving. The restaurant where I ate left- over food from for the past few days told me yesterday that I was not needed anymore. With the impression that I irritated her customers with my “smelling” presence, the owner told me point-blank never to come back”.

“I’ve been sleeping in an uncompleted building; it provides protection from the dangers of the night – or so I thought”.

AUTHORS Point Of View

“It’s the fourth night since her escape and Aduni has taken refuge in an uncompleted building. This place is her fortress as she receives no physical torture from her step dad.

“It’s about 2am and cold. Aduni struggles with mosquitoes as she shares an apartment with rodents. On her first night she woke up to find six rats having a swell time on her body. It gave her the fright of her life considering they ate her toes.

“She is about to sleep when she hears footsteps. She thinks it’s Ronke; an orphan rejected at birth who stays with her”.

ADUNIS Point Of View

“Ronke, you’re back I said with my eyes still shut. Ronke has a thing for bringing me food every night, so I was glad when I heard her footstep or at least I thought the footsteps were hers.

Then there was no reply “RONKE!!!! RONKE!!!!” I cried out but no response still. Then suddenly, a rat crawled up my leg causing me to panic.

Screaming and shouting for whoever it was to answer but no one did. Then everywhere went silent. Instantly I knew this could not be good so I stood to run”.

MR EZRA’S Point Of View

“Aduni’s destination is unknown. I’m scared for my wife because she’s so worried for her only child. Where in God’s name could she be? Tonight seems to be different.

It feels like something bad is going to happen to her and it’s all my fault. What would I do if something terrible happens? I won’t be able to live with myself.

I’m filled with rage that she could subject us to such treatment. The thought of beating sense into her head once I find her crept into my head but that’s not the problem now.

My dinner is cold; I want to go out to look for her. I remember passing by an uncompleted building around the area earlier on today and I feel like going there but it just started raining. I guess I’ll check when the rain stops.

I climb into my bed and in less than 10 minutes, I’m gone”.

ADUNIS Point Of View

“As I took my first few strides towards the exit I’m held tight by a man who reeks of alcohol. My heart skips a beat then another. Oh God, this can’t be what I think it is, I prayed.

I try to struggle but it seems he does a little bit of lifting because he feels so strong. From the look of things, I’ll need help to get free. Then his partner reaches for my pants. I try to kick and fight my way out of the man’s grip but I’m weak from starvation.

“Aduni u can do this, you can escape” were the words in my head until suddenly I felt a sharp pain by the side of my abdomen. “I’ve been stabbed?” I asked myself. Nodding my head as if to answer my own question, I felt myself bleeding badly. When the man who stabbed me realized what he did, he said “Oh, I meant to tear your shirt with that.”

“Like that would make things better” I cursed under my breath.

The blood didn’t stop him from getting my dress off and sliding off my pants. I try to shout but it’s raining, the men at the police station next to the building wouldn’t even hear me scream.

Everything begins to dim, I imagine the smirk on the man’s face as he did his thing. He must really be enjoying himself as I cursed repeatedly under my breath.

“Curse you Mr Ezra or step dad or whatever you call yourself “I said repeatedly until black spots clouded my sight and I lose consciousness.

MR EZRA’S Point Of View

“I woke up early this morning in a rush to check the building I saw last night. On my way out, I’m stopped by the sight of my wife crying, hitting her head hard on the floor with her eyes heavy from constant crying.

I rush to stop her from hurting herself but she screamed at me calling me names I really don’t want to remember, swearing that when she finds her daughter she’s leaving my house.

Just then I turned to the TV where I saw on the news, a young girl was found dead in an uncompleted building few streets away. The M.E states that the cause of death was bleeding but she was also raped.

My heart beats in variation. The dilemma of it being her or not was too much for me such that I didn’t know when I bit my lips so hard it bled.

I managed to drive to the police station with my wife who constantly swore on her late husband’s grave that I’ll be the next to be announced dead if it’s her baby.

We arrived at the station and I was greeted by my police friends saluting as they shouted “EJA NLA”. I waved them away as I headed straight to the M. E’s office.

Then I was shown the body.

“Aduni!!!!” I shouted

“This is not you, she’s not the one ooo” were the words that came out of my mouth as I jumped in excitement. She might still be alive after all.

We took our leave and right outside the station was an ambulance and a stretcher was being moved from it.

My wife shouted “My daughter” it was then I realized that it was really Aduni, with blood all over her body and her cloth ripped apart. We rushed towards the ambulance following it to the hospital”.

ADUNIS point of view

My arms are weak, I’m tired, my stomach hurts really bad but I feel someone holding my hand, the touch feels feminine, who could it be?

With much effort, I open my eyes and was surprised to see who stood before me.
“Get out of here” I tried to scream but it came out weak. I’m sure it took concentration to hear what I just said.

For someone who just recovered, I was angry, angry at my step dad and angry at my mom who stood by and watched every torture I went through.

After a lot of begging I forgave my mother for she was a victim also but my step dad wouldn’t go unpunished.

The community took my case up and he is being charged to court. He is looking at a long time behind bars. I’m just happy to be alive.

For the first time in a really long time, I get to eat good food. I can’t even remember the taste of fresh food and I’m getting it from a hospital. Your guess is as good as mine. It’s sad”.

AUTHORS point of view

Aduni recovered after a month of being hospitalized but the trauma of the rape remains.

Mr Ezra was charged to court on two counts of domestic violence and child abuse to which he pleaded guilty only because his lawyer told him it would reduce his jail term.

Mrs Sola, Adunis mother got divorced and stayed single taking care of her only daughter.


14 thoughts on “UNLOVED PART 2

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  2. Some story. Domestic violence that gets unchecked and no one knows what’s going through the victim’s mind. I’ve heard case a where they commit suicide

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nice writeup. I got confused at a point tho. Did her step father rape her or not. His musings showed he didn’t which means that he was wrongly convicted.
    Funny enough I feel as bad for him as I feel for the girl too.
    Plus I don’t appreciate a mother who watches her daughter being maltreated (yeah I know it’s fiction but I’m still angry)

    Liked by 1 person

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