“Push!!!, push!!!!, push!!!!!” The nurse screamed as she attended to me. It’s my expected delivery day. After six contractions and no sign of the baby coming out, the medical team concluded I’ll be needing a caesarian operation.

Preparations were quickly made while I laid on my bed in pains cursing the man who put me in this state and then leaving me to bear this pain all alone. As I did that, I was rewarded with another contraction.

This time the doctor decided to give it one more shot before the surgery and after pushing a couple of times, the baby comes through. “It’s a boy” the nurse told me as my baby cried and was carried away for cleaning. I managed to reply with a weak smile. Moments later the nurse returned with my boy in her hands. As she hands him over, I experienced a joy I couldn’t explain. It must be what people call the joy of motherhood.

My joy though didn’t last for long however as the memory of Tunde crept into my mind. “I would be with you forever for you’re the one I want and I need and for you I’ll do anything and everything”.

These were the words Tunde said to me the very morning I told him I was pregnant. His words gave me hope as everyone around me seemed to be against me since I wasn’t married to him but yet I carried his baby.
One evening I went by Tunde’s house as was my usual routine, only for me to discover that he had moved. After months of searching for him I gave up and decided to move on without him.

It’s been ten years now since the birth of Adedamola. After his birth I moved in with my parents.

The heat tonight is terrible and this has made Adedamola to be very uncomfortable.
“Let’s go for a little walk my love” I say to him.

We’ve been walking for quite a while now and Adedamola has filled me with big dreams for his future. “You dream so big” I replied while patting his head as he said he would rule our nation one day.

As we continued walking and talking, a car drove by and this made me uncomfortable as cars usually don’t ply this route in the day time so why would they bother at night? To confirm my fears, the car parked right in front of us.

Immediately dragging Ade by the hand, I turned back heading for home. As I walk fast on the footpath, I hear footsteps behind me. I tried to get ahead of them as fast as I could but Ade being so young couldn’t run as fast as I wanted want him to and so I made up my mind to carry him.

I managed to lift him, balance him on my back and continued walking when suddenly I feel a cold metal substance behind my head then the words came out, words that could shatter any mother’s heart to tiny bits “Hand over the boy and don’t look back”.






88 thoughts on “HIS MOTHERS JOY

  1. Okay…I had seriously began to think the story continued somewhere…was about to search your entire blog for the continuation…nice writing.
    Thanks for following my blog and for reading so many posts…really grateful.

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